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(Affiliated to VBS Puvanchal University, Jaunpur U.P.)

Dr. A H Rizvi (President) Mr. siraj Mehdi (Manager) Dr. Asad Ali Kazmi (Principal)
Welcome to Our College!
Jaunpur is a city of Jasmine and Roses where Philosophers, Poets, Judges, Educationist, Social reformers, Administrators and musician took birth. Jaunpur is the Land of peace and tranquility, communal harmony and toleration. In this city, Shia reformer Late Syed Mohd. Mohsin in 1914 established a Shia Boy’s School, Later on in 1940-41 Syed Saghir Hasan and Syed Ali Jafar acquired a separate land and constructed the building for Shia Boy’s School which was upgraded to High School in 1946 and to intermediate in 1948, and named it as Raza Dawood Mohsin Shia Intermediate College. This college provides teaching in Science, Arts and Commerce along with shorthand typing, photograpghy under the sponsorship of Central Government.

The combined efforts of Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan qibla, Mr. Siraj Mehdi, Haji Taqdeerul Hasan, Mr. Faqir Husain and Mirza Sultan Raza acted as the motivating force for establishing Shia Degree College at Jaunpur. They invited a great educationist Dr. Syed Akhtar Hasan Rizvi on 9.11.1993 from Bombay. A hearty welcome was accorded to Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi by the general public of Jaunpur. On that occasion Dr. Rizvi promised to establish a Degree College of Science and Commerce within four months. Mr. Mehdi Hasan Lallan, Contractor and his son Mr. Ghulam Mehdi a Civil Engineer constructed a grand building for the college under the guidance and direction of Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi.

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