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(Affiliated to VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur U.P.)

Our Managing Committee
    Members   Designation
  Mr. S. Hasan Musa President
  Mr. S. Kasim Raza Vice President
  Mr. Tahzeebul Hasan Vice President
  Mr. S. SIraj Mehdi (Ex. M.L.C.) Manager
  Mr. S. Abbas Haider Asst. Manager
  Mr. S. Javed Abbas Treasurer
  Mr. S. Naseer Haider Member
  Mr. Mehdiul Hasan Abidi Member
  Mr. S. Najmul Hasan Member
  Maulana Safdar Hussain Zaidi Member
  Mr. S. Mohammad Abbas Member
  Maulana Mahfuzul Hasan Member
  Mr. S. Rayis Haidar Member
  Mr. Faisal Hasan Member
  Mr. Naseem Haidar Member
  Mr. S. Haseen Asgar Zaidi Member
  Dr. Asad Ali Kazmi (Principal) Member

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